Bath and Tidy Services

Bath and Tidy includes a bath from nose to tail; all pets are hand blow-dried for a better finish, brushing and combing out, ear cleaning and nail cutting, trimming feet, and scissoring around eyes (breed dependent). 

Short Haired Dogs

Small Dog     : Starting at $30.00

Medium Dog  : Starting at $40.00

Large  Dog    : Starting at $50.00

 *Our prices are for dogs groomed on a regular basis and vary depending on breed and coat condition.

 *All prices subject to tax

Nail cutting only : $10.00 

Teeth Brushing can be added to our grooming service.

Small Dog : $7               Large : $10

Small Dogs - up to 15 pounds

Medium Dogs - up to 40 pounds

Large Dogs - up to 60 pounds

Paws Avenue Dog Grooming Spa

Our inviting concept allows your dog to enjoy a relaxing spa day, looking and feeling great after their grooming session!

Full Grooming Services

Full grooming includes a bath from nose to tail; all pets are hand blow-dried for a better finish to clipping and scissoring to breed style, brushing and combing out, sanitary, ear cleaning/plucking (if required) and nail trim.

Small Dog       : Starting at $50.00

Medium Dog    : Starting at $60.00

Large Dog       : Starting at $70.00

Paws Avenue Dog Grooming Spa uses Nature's specialties products. Each grooming appointment begins with a brief consultation between you, your fur baby and our groomer. We provide a stress-free, calm, and pleasant experience for your dog each and every visit. No cages are used during their stay as we promote socialization to help make their visits enjoyable. Once your dog has been groomed, they can play with toys or other dogs. If your dog is not comfortable being around other dogs, we do have a separate pen where they can rest until their pick up time.

Paws Avenue Dog Grooming Spa

​   A Place Your Dog Craves For

It's our absolute pride and joy to bring Paws Avenue to the Langley and Surrey community!